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The First Look or the First Touch?

Written & Photos by: Keanna Ross

If you’ve ever been a part of a first look and or witnessed it, it can get pretty emotional. In the times that I’ve photographed the first look, I felt all the emotions as they were going through them. The classic butterflies are accompanied by subtle nervousness mixed with pure excitement. If you’re familiar with weddings, we all know what the first look is. Today, I want to talk about the first touch.

Some couples prefer to keep it traditional, would prefer if their partner saw them for the first time as they’re walking down the aisle. In my opinion, this is my favorite because it builds up so much anticipation. 

If you and your partner prefer to keep it traditional, I highly encourage you to plan the first touch to your wedding timeline. The first touch still gives you that opportunity to see your partner for the first time as you walk down the aisle. Also, just because you can’t see each other, don’t think there won’t be emotions flowing. I’ve seen couples pray together before the ceremony holding hands, crying. Straight tear-jerker, but those photos always turn out incredible. 

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