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Longwood Gardens is such a beautiful place for an engagement session, as the grounds are BEAUTIFUL.

While walking through the grounds, there are so many incredible aesthetically pleasing areas to take photos. The plants and foliage are absolutely stunning and make for gorgeous photos. In the event of rain, there is an indoor section that is just as beautiful as the outside. I am dying to go back as a visitor and for my engagement session for my fiancé and I.

When is the best time to go?

Longwood Gardens requires tickets to take photos at their venue. Luckily for photographers, you don’t need a permit to take pictures there. The three of us decided to meet around 6 pm on Sunday. I preferred that time because it’s when the lighting is most even for photos. There were plenty of people there at that time, but you’d never know in the photos. Bystanders were very respectful of us while taking photos and respected our space. If you are a person who does not like taking pictures in front of others, I suggest choosing the earliest time with the hopes of less foot traffic and eyes on you.


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