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3 Things to Consider Before Booking your Wedding Venue

It’s no secret that wedding photos are one of the most important memories of your big day. Choosing the right venue can make or break your photo session, so it’s essential to consider all factors when selecting your wedding location. Let’s explore what you should keep in mind when booking your venue for beautiful photos.


Lighting is key when it comes to photography and choosing a venue with ample natural lighting is ideal for any photoshoot. Natural light will create a softer look for portraits and also helps to showcase details in your pictures, such as décor, centerpieces, and clothing. Additionally, if possible, avoid booking a room with large windows on one side and no windows on the other; this will create an imbalance in the lighting of the room, which can be difficult for photographers to work around.

Directional Lighting

When looking at potential venues, be sure to research their directional lighting throughout the day in each area where photos could be taken. If you are planning on taking pictures outside, ensure that you know where exactly the sun will be positioned throughout different times of day (i.e morning vs afternoon). This is important because taking pictures in direct sun can create harsh shadows that may affect how good some photos turn out. Interior Spaces Interior spaces should also be taken into consideration when booking a wedding venue as they provide more flexibility than outdoor spaces in terms of time constraints (weather) and lighting options. When scouting out indoor options, check whether or not there are enough electrical outlets available for photographers to use flash equipment if necessary.

Natural backdrops such as stone walls or lush greenery can always add something special to interior shots, so don’t forget to look out for those! Backgrounds If you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, it’s important to pick a setting with interesting backgrounds that won’t take away from you or your guests being the focus of attention during photo sessions but rather adds texture and charm without overpowering everything else going on in each picture. For example, if holding an outdoor ceremony at sunset – look for a space that provides stunning sunsets views but also has something interesting, like trees or buildings in the background, that can help frame each shot perfectly!


Accessibility should play an important role when deciding on a wedding venue; not only should it be easy enough for all guests attending but also friendly towards photographers who need access before and after events take place! Keep in mind potential obstacles such as stairs/hillsides/busy roads etc..that may make it difficult for everyone involved, including yourself and vendors!


Booking your perfect wedding venue doesn’t have to be stressful. Look at venues that offer plenty of natural lighting both indoors & outdoors; consider directional lighting throughout day; check background options carefully; think about interior spaces & electrical outlets; accessibility should play an important role too! With all these considerations taken into account, you’ll have no problem finding a gorgeous spot filled with lovely features & amazing backgrounds perfect for capturing every moment of your special day! Good luck on finding “the one”!

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