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This past weekend in NYC ?

This winter season, I was able to take holiday pictures for my client Janaye and her daughter.

At the moment, I thought this would be a normal holiday session. The session was much different than my average session because the pictures were shot in a studio. If you’re familiar with my work, 99.9% of my sessions are outdoors.

The craziest part of the story is when I got to this session MY LENS BROKE ?

At the time, I thought my lens needed calibration and I was totally freaking out. The autofocus motor had malfunctioned and which means I would have to take all the photos on Manual ?‍?. After sweating bullets and a few positive self-affirmations, I was able to successfully shoot the entire session in manual mode.

(Good news: Tamron was able to fix the issue in a week under their 7-year warranty)

Thankfully, I went with the flow and shot the entire session in manual mode.

Everything went as planned and I was able to grab some amazing shots of her, her mother, and her grandparents. HUGE RELIEF!

Shooting in manual was definitely a challenge, but I am thankful I was able to quickly cope and manage with a malfunction.

Fast forward last week, I received a text saying Janaye submitted my picture to Sephora, and it would shown in Times Square in honor of Black History Month until Feb 28th.

I am beyond thankful for her selecting my photo and considering me for such an amazing opportunity.

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