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Let me just start off by saying Nick and Sam are the sweetest couple ever. Sam and I both work in the field of education so immediately we just clicked. They wanted to have their engagement session at Red Bank Battlefield Park in National Park, NJ.

Prior to our shoot, they asked me if they needed to bring anything. I shared with them they don’t HAVE to, but if they have something sentimental they’d like to bring, by all means, bring it so I can grab photos of it. When Sam and Nick got out of the car, Nick had a plastic bag filled with items. I thought this was something they picked out together, but Nick actually packed this bag himself and Sam had no idea what was inside. Nick’s sentimental prop was his 76ers hat, hoodie, and sign that said “JAMES HARDEN IS A 76er!!!” We immediately died ?. We got that picture, and you better believe we tagged the 76ers on Harden’s debut. Needless to say, I’m pumped for the wedding, and GO SIXERS!

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